The festive season is here again. There’ll be a lot of driving at various times, in various places. Are you not tired of the cumbersome procedures in making claims, and the brouhaha of insurance companies telling you to “bring this… bring that…”? Say no more.

Vanguard Assurance has thought of you their cherished customer and introduced the all new- Vanguard Telematics add-on to your Motor Insurance .

Ever forgotten about some key details hours after the event of an accident? Tired of the usual long procedures involved in filling forms just to notify insurance companies. Then Vanguard Assurance has got you all sorted.

Vanguard Assurance Company Limited on 8th December,2017, launched its new add-on to their already existing Motor Insurance product-(known as ….Telematics)

The Chief Executive Officer of Vanguard Assurance, Dr. Gideon Amenyedor in addressing the media highlighted that the Telematics add-on, “…has two things. It’s going to do away with [ the usual formal procedure of] notification, as well as police report”.

According to Dr. Amenyedor, most people who buy insurance policies bemoan the cumbersome nature of the processes involved in getting insurance companies to pay claims. In addition to the aforementioned main benefits of the policy, it also allows for trackers to be installed on the vehicle to be insured. The insured party in the event of an accident, then just needs to press the button on the installed tracker in the vehicle. This will immediately notify Vanguard Assurance of the accident. Vanguard Assurance in response will promptly dispatch surveyors onto the scene off the accident to gather information about the accident. Afterwards, Vanguard Assurance through their Vanguard Mobile app [which can be found on Google playstore for all Android devices] will automatically fill the claim forms and send to the insured for confirmation of details therein and approval.

Dr. Amenyedor noted that, with all of these in place, vehicle owners are now assured of better services and prompt payment of claims.

Contact Vanguard Assurance for more details

-Phone:  0244 334 407 / (0) 302 213 940


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Vanguard Assurance! We Always Stand By You!



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