Heard of the all new Telematics Insurance product designed by Vanguard Assurance for you?- If your answer is “No”, then here’s all you need to know about the Vanguard Telematics Insurance:

  1. Get motor insurance from Vanguard Assurance and enjoy THE VANGUARD  TELEMATICS experienceCopy of When I photograph, what i'm really doingis seeking answersto things. (4)
  2. The device is installed immediately in their insured vehicles2
  3. A button is pressed by the insured immediately an accident occurs.3
  4. Instantly VAC receives a notification of the Accident4
  5. VAC dispatches its surveyors via motor to survey and produce report.5
  6. Claim is then quickly registered, processed and paid!!!6

Vanguard Assurance still remains your six-time(6x) CIMG Hall Of Fame insurer.

Vanguard Assurance, We Always Stand By You. Remember- Don’t Say Insurance, Say Vanguard.

Contact Vanguard Assurance for more details

-Phone:  0244 334 407 / (0) 302 213 940


-Twitter: @vanguardgh

– Facebook:  @vanguardgh

-Instagram:  @vanguardgh and

– LinkedIn:  @vanguardgh

Vanguard Assurance! We Always Stand By You!



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