Chief Executive Officer of Vanguard Assurance Company Limited, Dr. Gideon Amenyedor went live on Facebook through Vanguard Assurance’ official Facebook account- VanguardGh today, Monday, 8th January, 2018 at exactly 10am to discuss Vanguard’s new product- Vanguard Telematics.

Dr. Amenyedor.jpg
(Dr. Amenyedor, C.E.O Vanguard Assurance)
Dr. Amenyedor, used the platform to educate the general public on three things:

Firstly, he spoke on what brought about the #VanguardTelematics product add-on. Stating that in the past, insurers lay the burden on the insured to notify the insurance company through cumbersome and in most cases, frustrating processes. Aside that too, according to Dr. Amenyedor, the need for the insured to submit a police report in the event of an accident (which on its own is difficult to come by, and could sometimes take months to get) is another key issue under this.

The second issue he mentioned, was the process where the insured always needed to submit a police report in the event of an accident(loss). Dr. Amenyedor stated that this cumbersome process is now a thing of the past, with the introduction of #VanguardTelematics.

The third topic Dr. Amenyedor stated as part of his education was that, the essence of #VanguardTelematics is “…to make insurance easy for you, and you’ll experience a hustle free claim experience. Then you’ll actually have value for the premium you’re paying to Vanguard Assurance…”.

Dr. Amenyedor then ended by saying that, Vanguard Assurance in view of all of the above as mentioned, has decided to migrate all their cherished customers onto #VanguardTelematics at no additional cost to them. He stated that all customers need to do is to press a device that will be installed in their cars. This device will then send an SOS message directly to Vanguard Assurance. Vanguard Assurance will in turn will immediately dispatch a team onto the scene of the event to assess the loss and within a short period, clients’ claims will be processed.


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